Tooth crown

With a 5/7 day stay, you can reserve one crown and one crown.

The crown is a ceramic capsule that covers your real teeth and protects them from damage. Your teeth will be protected and you will smile without hesitation.

We recommend crowning damaged or relaxed teeth that are affected by decay.
Crowns are used to reinstall the correct aligned teeth or to adjust the color of the teeth.
The ceramic Vita brand used in our laboratories is the best quality in Germany.
We produce the natural result and the ideal design of teeth such as shape, size, color for each patient compatible with the morphology of the teeth.

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Bridges used instead of missing roots are the connection of two or more crowns. We use bridges to support at least one tooth on each side of the missing tooth.

The bridges are strong constant and aesthetic. Crowns offers a more natural view to the decks by shaping well.

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Zirconia, ceramic coating based on Zirconia. (Material, oxide, deyli)
Many Advantageous Crowns
Antiallergic, biocompatible crowns. These crowns are recommended for the aesthetic and natural view of your front teeth. Modern zirconia coatings are produced in our clinic in Antalya with Cad / Cam technology.We make precision crowns with special computers and equipment. We do not make the woman in order to place the taci with the exception of specialist occasions.