Removable partial prosthesis with slide system (without hooks)

The removable partial denture with slide system is a prosthesis that replaces missing teeth. The anchoring system has an aesthetic appearance and is very comfortable.

1. These prostheses are aesthetic because they do not damage your original teeth.
2. Thanks to its special fixation, this prosthesis does not move and is very comfortable to wear.
3. The base of the prosthesis is very light and thin
To place the prosthesis, it is necessary to crown at least 4 teeth. attached to one crown and the other is a removable prosthesis. This is a good option for patients who want to replace missing teeth without implants.

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Since all of our materials are of high quality, the prosthesis is very strong and comfortable. We do several tests in our production of prostheses. the costs are 700 euros.

For our patients who wish to have prostheses, these prostheses are made for 6 porcelain anterior teeth. The full price of 6 porcelains in ten teeth is 850 euros.

It is specially produced for each of our patients.

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