Dental clinic

Our clinic

  • All dental treatment is available in our clinic (modern dental chair, machine for taking digital panoranic radio, sirona laser, oral camera, etc.). Our clinic offers all kinds of dental care. Crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, prostheses, dental surgery-bone grafting, Sinus liftinq esthetic dentistry, gum care etc ...

Our medical team will take your budget constraints into account. They offer all the solutions to meet your expectations.

  • Don't worry about coming to a foreign country for your dental treatment. With ANTALYA HEALTHY you will be safe and at peace.
  • No more phobia for dental care and dentists. We can use special anesthetic sedation with rapid release (harmless) a great advantage over general anesthesia. You will never have bad memories with your treatment. Dental and oral health is very important.
  • We have specialists and surgeons in implantology and sinus treatment. We have crowns, bridges, prostheses and dental esthetics specialists. (veneer whitening)
  • We doctors attend seminars and conferences organized in Europe and America. Our medical team is constantly working with new techniques and technologies.