Bone Transplant Surgery

Bone grafting and sinus operations

In the teeth, the infection is missing for a long time or if there is a point disease, the bone is improved. Bone grafting or sinus removal may be necessary to insert the dental implant. We rebuild bone mass in such transactions. (Bone height should be at least 6 / 8mm for implant placement) Bone restoration and implant placement can be performed at the same time.
Our specialists - after a detailed examination of the panoramic X-ray, the surgeon takes stock of the need and type of transplant. We have many techniques to increase bone volume.

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Professionalism is required for such operations. Not all dentists can perform these operations. In our clinic, our dentists and surgeons have a lot of experience and specialization in their fields. The materials we use (graft, membrane) are of their quality. For sinus ablation, we use the PRF technique after bone filling or cyst removal.
Your doctor centrifuge the blood sample in a special machine. Plasma formed from synthetic bone covers defects in the bone.
Renewal and biocompatible bone mass occur. And it accelerates the reduction and recovery of postoperative pain.

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