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Cheap dentist? Tourism dental in Turkey in ANTALYA!

You are invited to dental tourism at affordable prices and without compromising on quality in Antalya! Ceramic-metal crown €140, zirconia crown €220, porcelain veneer €220, implant titanium €380. As soon as possible and guaranteed.

We cover the cost of your plane ticket and your hotel for amounts over €3,500.

Our Clinic is located in Turkey in Antalya. In our perfectly equipped clinic, we carry out all your dental care on the dates you want.

Our French-speaking guides will help you in all your steps. Our translators meet you at the airport. It ensures that your treatment takes place in an atmosphere of trust. And we guarantee a dental trip pleasant.

If you want to get a quote, you can fill out the form on our page. If you add a panoramic x-ray or clear photos of your teeth to our form, our doctor can better interpret the condition of your teeth.

No more dysphobia
You will feel calm and comfortable from the start to the end of the treatment. All of our treatments are guaranteed!

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  • We have specialist doctors in our clinic and our clinic is equipped with the latest system technology. In addition, our materials meet European standards. In ANTALYA dental care (Crowns, Implants, prostheses) quality and your treatment is guaranteed.
  • Our prices are more affordable than European pies.
  • We provide 24 hour reception service and direct transfer from ANTALYA Airport.
  • We organize all your trips instantly.
  • You have the possibility to spend a waking vacation in the unique view of the Antalya sea, which is the apple of tourism.


FRANCE, BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND, ENGLAND, ALGERIA, MOROCCO, CANADA, RUSSIA, ALMAGNE etc. We pick up our patients at the airport. In our clinic, you can choose the desired dates for your dental treatment and book a plane ticket. If you wish, we can assist you with flight searches. After picking you up from the airport, we will take care of all your trips to Antalya.